Pickled Cucumber… my husband’s favourite


Now that Winter is approaching fast, I am starting to feel like a hamster.
I want to make my favourite pickled cucumber, bake biscuits, crunchy bars etc. All to prepare for the cold days when I don’t feel like braving the cold and going to the shops. Crazy.
Kennt ihr das auch? Eingelegte Gurckenscheiben, Plaumen und ander leckere Dinge sind immer ein Erfold im Winter, finde ich.

But what else could I make? Any suggestions?

Ich bin auch am Herbst-Aufräumen. Ich liebe es auszusortieren und Ordnung und Platz zu schaffen. There is nothing better than an organized home with space for new things.
Gone are the old things I haven’t touched/used for a year. Only little memories, cards and special things I keep. But what I haven’t used in a year has to go. Love that liberating feeling.
And it overcomes me at least every 6 months.


Und nun das Winter vor der Tür steht, habe ich die Winterpullover, Jacken und Schuhe wieder rausgeholt und die Sommersachen weggepackt. Thank G’d for Ikea and their storage ideas and boxes. I now have an organized cupboard and a happy heart.

How do you guys prepare for Winter?

*Hugs and Kisses*


Herbst Feelings


The autumn has officially started here in Berlin.
Es regent, es ist grau and I just want to stay in bed the whole day.
Heute morgen musste ich Lichter anmachen beim aufstehen. Thats when you know that winter is coming,putting on lights in the morning. I mean really. Muss es schon wieder so kalt und grau werden?

But now, I have an excuse to make lovely homemade chicken soup, potatoes and gravy and all good winter foods that make you warm again. Ich liebe es zu kochen wenn es draussen stürmt und kalt ist.


Wie beschäftige ich nur meinen kleine Prinzen. He seems to be quite bored being inside all day. He loves building tents with old bedsheets. Zu süss!
Habt ihr Vorschläge? Was mach ihr mit euren Kindern an kalten Tagen? What do you guys do on cold and rainy days with your younger kids inside the home?

Keep warm and Happy!!!*Hugs and Kisses*

Hipster Town Berlin, Germany


It looks like I am living in hipster central.
Everywhere around me I see plateau shoes, expensive hippy cloths and ombre hair do’s. What has happened? I feel underdressed all the time… do I have to also change my style, walk around like everyone else?
I don’t feel I have enough time to spend in the bathroom getting dressed and putting on make up. Maybe I should invest more time into it. I always promised myself and my husband that I would make an afford not to land up looking like a typical mom, with oily hair, food bits on my cloths and to never wear tents to hide any sort of unwanted fat roll.
But I think sometimes I might have become one of them. I really have to sort it out!!!

How do you moms out there keep up your style? How do you make sure you don’t turn into filthy mama monsters?

Today is friday and I feel like the week just passed me by. I have cleaned the apartment, made bread, did some laundry and the apartment still looks like a tornado it it. Lennon is just running around pulling things down and opening the freezer to look inside. Why does he have to do that? no one knows. I wish sometimes I could look into his head and see what he is thinking. I’m not going to keep worrying about the mess. Im gonna go to the shops to get toiletpaper and then ply with him. I don’t care anymore if the house looks like sh**t.
Its more important that Lennon also gets some quality time. Right?


Happy Friday everyone.

*Hugs and Kisses*