Summer in Berlin…and we are sick


it’s beautiful outside, 31┬░C and sunny. The boys are healthy luckily, but Papa Madola is lying bed with a fever, infected sinuses and joint pains. He is an easy patient as long as he is sleeping ­čÖé I was also sick, was stung by a wasp last week and had a seriously shitty allergic reaction to it over the weekend. Luckily the doc gave me some cortisone tablets so that I can function again today. I looked like a ‘Streuselkuchen'┬áor maybe more like I had measles. Anyway, its over now, the rash is calming down and the swelling is almost all gone! So glad its over. Its not a nice feeling to be so itchy, swollen and overall feeling weird.

Now looking after the husband while the kids are going crazy in the flat. Babka in the over, an order form my husband. Healthy dinner has been shopped for and will be made later when it gets a little cooler. I think I`m gonna keep on cleaning, clearing and making the house a little neater. Every once in while I get an attack of wanting to give lots away and make space. I feel its cluttered here and I don’t like to have too many things. It makes life harder and chaotic. I like it to be minimalistic but with a charm and warm feeling. Just not too many things!

And I guess I have to prepare for autumn too. Even though the temperatures don’t really feel like autumn, I know soon its gonna change and then I will be scrambling to get it cosy in here. So now that I have some time in here, maybe I will use it wisely and prepare a couple of things.

xx Mama Madola



Lennon and my iPhone


Just paged through a parenting magazine ‘Nido’ and saw that according to a study (KIM-Study 2012) two thirds of kids between six and thirteen years of age are interested and glued to a cellphone/ smartphone.
I was a little shocked but then reminded myself of my own little man Lennon. He isn’t even six yet and he is already asking to play with my iPhone.
I always wonder if we as parents should give in, to the ‘new-age’ way of playing, or should we be hard and make it clear from the beginning that we don’t want them playing games on the iPhone.

I grew up without any smartphones, iPads, we didn’t even have a computer or TV. When my siblings and I wanted to play, we went outside, played in the room with cars, dolls, or we sat around looking at pictures in books etc.
But I do remember, whenever I went to a friends house, where they had a TV or computer, I was literally glued to the ‘new’ entertainment. It wasn’t very social of me.

And now that I am a mother and have to make these decisions for my son, I always wonder what the good middle path is. A little here and a little there can’t be bad. But everything in moderation.


But I do find it very scary how my son can un-slides/unlocks my iPhone, slides the icons to the left to reach his one game that is on my phone. He taps it, hits play and plays the game. When he is done and had enough, he pushes the home button to return to the home screen and put’s the phone down.

I downloaded the game only for the really hard times, when he is screaming on the underground train, or when he won’t sit still at a doctor’s office etc. But maybe I should delete it and stop letting him play with it.

I have made it my mission to not be on the phone as much and I try really hard to leave the phone behind when I am on the move and busy with Lennon.
And I must say, I haven’t been on the phone as much and he doesn’t get reminded of the cellular device ­čÖé The nagging for the phone has almost stopped. Great!
I most definitely miss it more than he does. Its kind of sick how we believe we can’t live without these things. How it’s such a habit to check my emails all the time, check facebook and who is doing what. I mean it really is mind boggling how we depend on these devices out of habit.

*Hugs and Kisses*

Spoilt kids and stressed parents


One mother-blog I follow, wrote about us spoiling our kids and not letting them do things we did when we were their age. It resonated with me very much. I always feel I am not letting Lennon do what he wants because I’m supposed to be scared he might hurt himself, fail or just about what other people might say. Why do I do that?! Its crazy!


When I lived in Cape Town, South Africa, I felt unsafe a lot of the time. And when I got back here to Berlin, it was like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders because of me feeling much safer. Now I hear, in this blog I read, that she wouldn’t let her son walk the streets of Berlin, or just to kindergarten or school by himself. And he is something like 4 or 5 years old. I used to do that all the time when I was that age. Ok it wasn’t as big of a place like Berlin, but I feel like our parents trusted us more and knew we were gonna be fine. Especially after having lived in a country like South Africa, it kind of seems weird to feel scared for our kids. Maybe Berlin isn’t as safe as my hometown L├╝beck, but its a whole lot safer than where I lived the last 6 years.

Do we over-protect our children? I do think so. I do think we have become parents that say ‘No’ more than ‘Yes’ to the instincts of our kids. We let them talk, misbehave, throw uncontrolled tantrums and let them be rude to the ice cream man. But I find that we try to constantly stop them in their movements, eagerness to climb, throw things and to test their boundaries physically and emotionally.

What happened to good old teaching ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ by letting the explore with little guidance by us? Why do we think we have to constantly talk, explain, discuss and analyse with our kids. I thought we were the parents and we had the say. What happened to that? Since when does a child get to make the choice when we are eating, going somewhere or what cloths he/she wants to wear. It really boggles my mind and I am starting to wonder what kind of people we are raising. *Hugs and Kisses*

Ice Lollies and Homemade Lemonade


Its hot in berlin, still after so many days of sun and almost no rain. How can that be. Ich kann es kaum glauben. ‘Im always waiting for the weather to turn and the winter to be back.

But until then, I am going to appreciate every sun-hour I can get.

Yesterday I made homemade lemonade concentrate. I got the recipe from one of my south african friends and she got it from her grandmother. It is the best. So easy to make and it tastes amazing. You just mix the concentrate with water and ice and you have yourself the best lemonade there is.
Anyone keen for the recipe?

Now Lennon and I can have ice lollies, homemade lemonade all day.
Lennon has been running around the apartment like crazy without a nappy and he loves it. Once in a while he calls me to show that he made a wee on the floor. I then show him the potty to tell him to rather make his wee in there, but so far he hasn’t got a clue what I’m taking about. I don’t mind. There is still time. He is only 19 months old. We just potty train him next summer.

The summer holidays are over in Berlin and most kids are back at school and kindergarten. That means that Lennon and I have the playgrounds and parks around our house almost to ourselves again. So much better than having to squeeze in between all these mothers and constantly having to stop Lennon from taking other kids’ toys because some mothers are very particular about their kids’ things. Whatever the case, I do prefer the playgrounds when they’re empty and Lennon can kick his ball in any direction, throw sand in the air and use the swing whenever he feels like it.
I guess I am gonna leave the socializing to the time when he starts kindergarten.
That time is just around the corner. How scary. In October he will start at a very nice waldorfkindergarten around the corner from us. It will be a big change. And for me, as the mother, I am sure I will have a hard time to let go, but also know that is part of the job to let the kids go. I will and going to do it ­čÖé

everyday-waldorf-kindergarten-circle-time*Hugs and Kisses*

Go away, we need milk…


Gestern Abend, nach einem langen Tag, hatten mein Mann und Sohn sich gegen mich verschworen und fanden es komisch ├╝berall ihre Sachen liegen zu lassen. Vielleicht ist das ja normal, doch mich hat es, in dem Moment, so richtig auf die Palme gebracht, sodass ich meinen Mann anschrie und sagte: ” Go away, we need milk”. Ich meinte damit das er bitte zum Laden gehen solle um Milch zu kaufen. Er wiederum wusste gar nicht warum ich so sauer war und war erstmal beleidigt weil ich ihn “ohne Grund” so angeschrien hatte. Also keine Milch und der Sohnemann musste sich mit Kamillentee in der ‘Gute Nacht Flasche’ zufrieden geben. So ist es manchmal bei uns Zuhause. Ich denke es wird Zeit das wir an unserer Kommunikation etwas tun.

*Hugs and Kisses*