Summer in Berlin…and we are sick


it’s beautiful outside, 31°C and sunny. The boys are healthy luckily, but Papa Madola is lying bed with a fever, infected sinuses and joint pains. He is an easy patient as long as he is sleeping 🙂 I was also sick, was stung by a wasp last week and had a seriously shitty allergic reaction to it over the weekend. Luckily the doc gave me some cortisone tablets so that I can function again today. I looked like a ‘Streuselkuchen' or maybe more like I had measles. Anyway, its over now, the rash is calming down and the swelling is almost all gone! So glad its over. Its not a nice feeling to be so itchy, swollen and overall feeling weird.

Now looking after the husband while the kids are going crazy in the flat. Babka in the over, an order form my husband. Healthy dinner has been shopped for and will be made later when it gets a little cooler. I think I`m gonna keep on cleaning, clearing and making the house a little neater. Every once in while I get an attack of wanting to give lots away and make space. I feel its cluttered here and I don’t like to have too many things. It makes life harder and chaotic. I like it to be minimalistic but with a charm and warm feeling. Just not too many things!

And I guess I have to prepare for autumn too. Even though the temperatures don’t really feel like autumn, I know soon its gonna change and then I will be scrambling to get it cosy in here. So now that I have some time in here, maybe I will use it wisely and prepare a couple of things.

xx Mama Madola



Women need midwives, MĂĽtter brauchen Hebammen!!!


It seems like a century ago that I wanted to be an independent midwife myself. I applied to all german midwifery schools for a place to learn how to become one of those amazing women that get to be a witness during the most amazing moment when a baby is born. I did some really good practicals, witnessed some amazing home deliveries and not so amazing but necessary cesearen sections and made up my mind to become one of them.

But life happened and I moved from the north of Germany all the way to Cape Town, South Africa to be with my now amazing husband Papa Madola. I started my Nursing Degree in Cape Town and during the course of my studies, also got to deliver some babies myself. And to my astonishment, I didn’t feel any connection. It seemed like the idea of being a midwife was more exciting than actually being responsible for the delivery, the mother and the child.

I finished my studies, not knowing what the heck I was going to do. Since my childhood I had a plan for myself and now I realised it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t born to be a midwife. And I know you have to be born one or you won’t be the best at it. You feel the passion for the job or you don’t. And I realised I didn’t feel that passion when I delivered my 15 babies during my studies.

But what I do know is, that I still feel very strongly about the profession and I believe that mothers and pregnant women are in need of a midwife. They are the rock for most mothers when they feel exhausted, when they feel they are loosing control over their bodies, birth plan or after the baby is born when they feel lost in between breastfeeding, changing nappies and raging hormone cocktails.
We need midwives to to fend off the world when we are too weak to do so ourselves and we need a midwife to be our advocate in a hospital situation. She is our best friend in pregnancy, delivery and once the baby is born.

Now being back in Berlin, Germany, they want to make it clearly impossible for midwives to exist. The government is raising the insurance contribution so high, that it basically forces the midwives to stop working as such or to work for free. And that is happening in a first world country where I was told we were a child-frienldy country.
But how can that be. Without midwives we mothers would be forced to be monitored by only a doctor, then have our babies in the hospital. What kind of a plan is that.
It stinks and we have to stand up to that. It’s our choice to make where we have our children and who supports us during the prenatal, delivery and postnatal time.
Without midwives we will be forced only one way and that’s the hospital with all it’s machines. Yes of cause that is necessary sometimes, but most babies can be born out of the hospital and attended by only a midwife.

I am going to attach a link. Please sign the petition to support the further existence of midwives in Germany and spread the word about it.

Thank you and good night.*Hugs and Kisses*

Back again… new energy!


the last month has been crazy, my little man has started kindergarden and even though I thought I would be cool about it, I do miss him when I leave him for 15 min. Crazy how attached a mother is to her child. Oh well its crazy how I am attached to little Lennon, who isn’t so little any more after all.
He doesn’t visit the kindergarden the whole day, just for two hours and I am accompany him the whole time, but I sit in the background and let the kindergarden teacher handle everything. Then I leave for 15 min and go around the block once or twice to kill the time. Its weird to have the time/ peace to look at things in the shops, windows and be at a supermarket without having someone pull stuff out of the shelves from their pram. Hahahaha after 2 years of having my sunshine around, I can’t remember life before him. Thats great. So happy to have him and to also slowly find some new freedom.
Next week we will hopefully take the next step and I will leave him for a longer time so that he actually really accepts and realises that I can go and leave him with the other kids and that I also come back every time.

Otherwise Berlin has been rainy, grey, winter and pre-adventszeit. When I lived in Cape Town, I always missed this time. The time when it gets cold and rainy. I do kind of love putting the heaters on, lighting candles all over the rooms and baking christmas-biscuits. It makes my heart feel warm 🙂 I have made some double chocolate chip cookies so far and some peanut butter biscuits. Lennon loves them, so do I. Papa Madola isn’t such a biscuit fan. So Lennon and I get to eat them all…


What do you guys bake, pickle, cook during this time?
Its funny in Cape Town this feeling of having to bake, cook, pickle things, never overcame me. Must have been the warm weather and time at the Clifton Beach that kept me occupied enough to not think about it 🙂

Would love to hear what you guys are making this christmas-time.

*Hugs and Kisses*

Hipster Town Berlin, Germany


It looks like I am living in hipster central.
Everywhere around me I see plateau shoes, expensive hippy cloths and ombre hair do’s. What has happened? I feel underdressed all the time… do I have to also change my style, walk around like everyone else?
I don’t feel I have enough time to spend in the bathroom getting dressed and putting on make up. Maybe I should invest more time into it. I always promised myself and my husband that I would make an afford not to land up looking like a typical mom, with oily hair, food bits on my cloths and to never wear tents to hide any sort of unwanted fat roll.
But I think sometimes I might have become one of them. I really have to sort it out!!!

How do you moms out there keep up your style? How do you make sure you don’t turn into filthy mama monsters?

Today is friday and I feel like the week just passed me by. I have cleaned the apartment, made bread, did some laundry and the apartment still looks like a tornado it it. Lennon is just running around pulling things down and opening the freezer to look inside. Why does he have to do that? no one knows. I wish sometimes I could look into his head and see what he is thinking. I’m not going to keep worrying about the mess. Im gonna go to the shops to get toiletpaper and then ply with him. I don’t care anymore if the house looks like sh**t.
Its more important that Lennon also gets some quality time. Right?


Happy Friday everyone.

*Hugs and Kisses*

Fulltime Mom and Career Woman…


is that doable?
Today we mothers are supposed to raise beautiful children that are well-rounded, behave like the queen and are intelligent little people and we have to also have a ‘normal’ job and earn money.
Why do feel so much pressure to go out there and find a job, earn money and have a career just to make everyone happy? Whats wrong with being a stay at home mom and be there for the kids 24/7? Not that I wouldn’t like to work outside the home a few hours a week, I think the interaction with other people would help my sanity, but why do I feel like everyone looks at me strange when I tell them that I am at home with my 19 months old son. He will be starting kindergarten this fall, then I will have the time to look for some work, and I remember that I only started kindergarten when I was 4 years old, not 20 months.
Now a days we send our kids off to Kita so we can have a career and earn money. I know that most families need the extra money and I don’t want to put those women in the same boat with the lady’s that don’t really have to work, from a financial point of view. I might be super old-fashioned, but I thought having kids also means to raise them and not ship them off to the Kita the moment they are weaned off the breast.
Oh Oh Oh, I can notice a ton in my writing. I apologise, I know that I am very fortunate to be able to stay at home and look after my son. And don’t get me wrong, I will be looking for a job for the mornings that Lennon will be at kindergarten, just to have the extra bugs and some change between play, nappy changes and explaining why he can’t draw on the wall with the crayons.
But I will drop him off at the kindergarten and fetch him before his nap time. That way I will get the whole afternoon with him and maybe next year I will consider letting him stay until 3pm. I feel there are so many things he has to learn at this stage and don’t wanna miss out on them. I would like to be there when he says his first sentence, when he starts using the potty properly, when he starts to find the patience to read a story with me and the list goes on.
Won’t I miss out on them if I leave him at the Kita the whole day just to have 3-4 hours in the afternoon until he goes to bed?


Besides that, between changing nappy’s, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, I think I have forgotten what I enjoy. I don’t have any hobbies. What are my real interests, what could I do/make to earn some extra money and contribute on moving into a bigger home with either garden or a nice balcony? I do love to sew, love to bake, love to draw and take pretty pictures. But aren’t those the things all mothers land up liking? Have I become a typical mother that doesn’t know what she likes? Or am I just scared to start something after all this time and maybe fail? It seems so much easier staying at home and ‘just’ looking after Lennon. But that way I won’t be able to make things happen for us. I would like a garden of some sort and I am going to have to come up with a concept to make that happen for the three of us.


I am thinking of coming out with a product for mothers that will include sewing and designing and I think that would be a good start. I will need some funding, but hopefully a kickstarter campaign like ‘’ will help me with that. So watch this space, I might surprise all of you 🙂

Are you mom’s out there also struggle with this? What do you do for extra cash and keeping your sanity?


*Hugs and Kisses*