Its friday! Hell YEAHHH


Its friday and the sun is shining.
My beautiful husband is in Hamburg for business and I am making challah for tonight’s shabbes dinner.
What are you guys up to? Nix, Nichts, Nada?

I promised you a picture of my peach cake I baked the other miserable day. Here it is…

Otherwise, the son of mine is having his midday nap, I should also sleep, didn’t have much sleep last night, but I have had three cups of coffee and feel more like spring cleaning than sleeping.
I might just collapse later. Not a good idea. Lets see.
I hope my husband is gonna return from Hamburg soon so we can make sure to get outside and catch some sun. I feel like I have to make use of all the sun that’s left until the german winter hits us again. Oh how I am dreading the cold and the snow.
I would love to live 6 months in Berlin, Germany and the other half, during the german winter, somewhere else in the world where its warm and nice during the december time.
I know I had that in Cape Town. Almost no winter. I mean a little rain and some really uncomfortable days in june, July, but never winter like here in Berlin. I must say, I prefer the capetonian weather any day.
Wish the quality of life would be the same in Cape Town as it is in Berlin. I would still be living over there.

This weekend we have a Strassenfest happening in our Kiez.
I’m interested how that will turn out. I saw them setting up yesterday already and its starting this afternoon. check it out:


It’s gonna be funny and interesting to go there tomorrow or maybe even tonight for a beer or two and watch all the different colourful people that live in this area. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I do live in ‘Hipster Town Central’ here in Berlin and I do love sitting somewhere just watching these Hipsters drink their latte macchiato’s, wearing their creepers and Charlie Chaplin hat’s. Not sure what all the fuss is about but I do find it all very entertaining ­čÖé
Is that wrong? I don’t think so, I am a housewife with a 20 month old child, wearing normal cloths, maybe on the boring side of style and I like to wonder about these Hipsters where they get their confidence from to walk around either almost naked or more like a christmas tree.*Hugs and Kisses*