Hallo Ihr lieben,

heute ist Herbstanfang. Draußen ist es noch recht warm, doch man merkt dass so langsam der Herbst und Winter angekrochen kommen. Irgendwie freue ich mich auf die kälteren Tage. Suppe essen, dicker Pullover und Socken hören sich im Moment sehr gemütlich an. Ich weiß aber auch dass ich es nach 2-3 Wochen wieder leid sein werde 🙂

Nun wo die Jungs älter sind, wir basteln können, Kastanien und Eicheln sammeln, Drachen steigen und überhaupt viel unternehmen können, finde ich den Herbst recht attraktiv 🙂 Gestern haben wir schon unsere erste Ladung Kastanien gesammelt.

Und ich habe beschlossen einen Jahreszeitentisch zu machen mit unseren Schätzen und vielleicht ein zwei anderen Dingen. Ich bin selbst mit Jahreszeitentisch aufgewachsen. Meine Mutter hatte immer einen für uns Kinder in unserer Küche. Ich hatte mir immer vorgestellt das ich so etwas nicht mache. Zu Waldorf, zu abgedreht. Aber siehe da, die Jungs werden älter und ich mache mehr und mehr wie ich es von zuhause kenne. Plötzlich finde ich es nicht zu Waldorf, nicht zu abgedreht sondern empfinde es als Stütze, als eine sehr schöne Art die Jahreszeit ins Haus zu bringen. Auch die gesammelten Schätze haben so einen besonderen Platz und können regelmäßig bestaunt werden. Sie landen nicht sofort in der Ecke sondern werden geschätzt!

Ich habe auch begonnen mit der Nadel zu filzen. Zwei kleine Kürbisse sind schon fast fertig. Als nächstes will ich mich an einem Zwerg versuchen. Und ich denke ich werde mich auch an einem Transparent Bild für das Fenster versuchen. Mal sehen wie das alles wird…

Habt ihr auch einen Jahreszeitentisch? Was macht ihr mit euren gesammelten Schätzen? Was habt ihr geplant für den Herbst?

Herzlichst, Mama Madola


Sourdough bread 

When one kid and the husband are sick I seem to always resort to baking and cooking with the healthy child. It’s fun and it gives us something to do while looking after the patients in their beds. 

I have always wanted to try make sourdough bread myself, of cause with my own homemade starter. I remember trying it out in Cape Town once but failed miserably. So when two out of four were sick I made the starter and three days later Lennon and I made the bread. It turned out lovely. It didn’t deflate like the last one I made. It took a while 24 hours to be honest but it tasted and looked like sourdough bread from the bakery. I was quite happy about the result and we all had a piece with our homemade cherry jam. It was very delicious. Now the starter is in the fridge and waiting for his new opportunity to make us happy with some real good bread. 

Do you also like trying out new things in the kitchen? Baking or cooking? 


Homemade Cherry Jam


I don’t know how you all feel about making jam yourself. I had never done it and when I found out one of my friends just bought herself a garden here in Berlin with a huge cherry tree, I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on those cherries and try my luck. It turned out to be a lot if work, patience and very nice tasting jam. In other words it was all worth it.

I am finding making things like jam, picking cucumber, making things from scratch with the boys is a real treat. It makes us appreciate it so much more and the boys can see how it all is made and how much work it means.


Like my friends just got a garden, that would be ideal for us living in the city. Here in Berlin lots of people live in apartments and either buy/rent a little garden further out or get themselves a weekend house even further out of the city where they spend their weekends in the green, near a lake or forrest. It is  a nice escape from the city especially for children. The older they get, the more they are interested in little bugs, insects, beetles I find myself trying to show them nature without it being on a city playground between other children playing, toys and the random dog poop. I try to drive out into a forrest or to a lake as much as I can so the boys can hear the birds, watch ants do their work, experience nature without much other noise around. It seems so important today to make them aware of their surroundings because of how the world has changed.

LOVE, MamaMadola

Ice Lollies and Homemade Lemonade


Its hot in berlin, still after so many days of sun and almost no rain. How can that be. Ich kann es kaum glauben. ‘Im always waiting for the weather to turn and the winter to be back.

But until then, I am going to appreciate every sun-hour I can get.

Yesterday I made homemade lemonade concentrate. I got the recipe from one of my south african friends and she got it from her grandmother. It is the best. So easy to make and it tastes amazing. You just mix the concentrate with water and ice and you have yourself the best lemonade there is.
Anyone keen for the recipe?

Now Lennon and I can have ice lollies, homemade lemonade all day.
Lennon has been running around the apartment like crazy without a nappy and he loves it. Once in a while he calls me to show that he made a wee on the floor. I then show him the potty to tell him to rather make his wee in there, but so far he hasn’t got a clue what I’m taking about. I don’t mind. There is still time. He is only 19 months old. We just potty train him next summer.

The summer holidays are over in Berlin and most kids are back at school and kindergarten. That means that Lennon and I have the playgrounds and parks around our house almost to ourselves again. So much better than having to squeeze in between all these mothers and constantly having to stop Lennon from taking other kids’ toys because some mothers are very particular about their kids’ things. Whatever the case, I do prefer the playgrounds when they’re empty and Lennon can kick his ball in any direction, throw sand in the air and use the swing whenever he feels like it.
I guess I am gonna leave the socializing to the time when he starts kindergarten.
That time is just around the corner. How scary. In October he will start at a very nice waldorfkindergarten around the corner from us. It will be a big change. And for me, as the mother, I am sure I will have a hard time to let go, but also know that is part of the job to let the kids go. I will and going to do it 🙂

everyday-waldorf-kindergarten-circle-time*Hugs and Kisses*