A Holiday for just the adults. Papa Madola and I went on a 8 day break from being parents. We flew to the greek Island of Santorini. What a beautiful place. I have never had a swim in better sea water or have seen better sunsets than that (but I have to say the sunsets in Cape Town are a clear close second).

We did lots of sight-seeing, lots of reading, sleeping late, lying around on the beach or by the pool and the occasional spontaneous cocktail evening. The freedom to get up in the morning, make spontaneous plans for the day and just let go, was a nice break from having a routine with two smaller kids.

We saw almost every little city and village on Santorini, our all time favourite was Oia. We both realised that we prefer taking the less touristy routes and finding the hidden places where the locals eat, drink and hang out. Even after 10 years of being in a relationship with Papa Madola, I didn’t know that about him. But to my defence I must admit that we have never been on a holiday together, just us two. We have travelled together but before the boys came we travelled in South Africa with my husbands band throughout the country, we were never alone and it was more work than holiday ­čÖé


So this was our first holiday together and we both loved it. Next time the boys are coming with though. We missed them so much that I rather take them with next time.

The two boys spend time at my mother’s house and didn’t miss us much. My mother organised some adventures, going to a farm to see the animals, spending time at the beach (Baltic Sea) and so forth. When we got back the boys had lots to tell and didn’t seem like they would have minded if we stayed a little longer. It felt good to know that they were fine and maybe in future we can do that again!

Next year we wanna take the kids with us to Greece. It was such a warm welcome there, such beautiful landscape, great food, and most of all best sea water to swim in and spend the whole day at. Does anyone of you have a secret tip where to go in Greece, family friendly and welcoming??



Thanks guys,

XX Mama Madola