Saturday Night Life

It’s saturday and my husband, Lennon and I are sitting on the couch reading books and talking about silly things.
Oh ja ein Blick in unseren Samstag Abend. Sehr unterhaltsam wenn auch nicht immer sehr intelligent.
It might all be very crazy and silly but lacks intelligence sometimes. But that’s the beauty about it ­čÖé


Oh and Cinnamon Cinnabon roles are rising in the oven. Heaven! Love them. Whoever hasn’t had Cinnabon hasn’t lived. To me it’s the best Cinnamon role and dessert there is.
I’ll post some pics of my Cinnabon roles when they ready, on my Facebook Page. Check it out a little later:

Was noch. Oh mein Liebster Mann hat doch tats├Ąchlich vorhin die Heizung angemacht. He as a south african can’t stand being cold and on go the heaters in the lounge. Hope the electricity bill will be kind to us.

Ok. Now off to play more games and make Lennon laugh.

*Hugs and Kisses*