Hallo Ihr lieben,

heute ist Herbstanfang. Draußen ist es noch recht warm, doch man merkt dass so langsam der Herbst und Winter angekrochen kommen. Irgendwie freue ich mich auf die kälteren Tage. Suppe essen, dicker Pullover und Socken hören sich im Moment sehr gemütlich an. Ich weiß aber auch dass ich es nach 2-3 Wochen wieder leid sein werde 🙂

Nun wo die Jungs älter sind, wir basteln können, Kastanien und Eicheln sammeln, Drachen steigen und überhaupt viel unternehmen können, finde ich den Herbst recht attraktiv 🙂 Gestern haben wir schon unsere erste Ladung Kastanien gesammelt.

Und ich habe beschlossen einen Jahreszeitentisch zu machen mit unseren Schätzen und vielleicht ein zwei anderen Dingen. Ich bin selbst mit Jahreszeitentisch aufgewachsen. Meine Mutter hatte immer einen für uns Kinder in unserer Küche. Ich hatte mir immer vorgestellt das ich so etwas nicht mache. Zu Waldorf, zu abgedreht. Aber siehe da, die Jungs werden älter und ich mache mehr und mehr wie ich es von zuhause kenne. Plötzlich finde ich es nicht zu Waldorf, nicht zu abgedreht sondern empfinde es als Stütze, als eine sehr schöne Art die Jahreszeit ins Haus zu bringen. Auch die gesammelten Schätze haben so einen besonderen Platz und können regelmäßig bestaunt werden. Sie landen nicht sofort in der Ecke sondern werden geschätzt!

Ich habe auch begonnen mit der Nadel zu filzen. Zwei kleine Kürbisse sind schon fast fertig. Als nächstes will ich mich an einem Zwerg versuchen. Und ich denke ich werde mich auch an einem Transparent Bild für das Fenster versuchen. Mal sehen wie das alles wird…

Habt ihr auch einen Jahreszeitentisch? Was macht ihr mit euren gesammelten Schätzen? Was habt ihr geplant für den Herbst?

Herzlichst, Mama Madola

Summer in Berlin…and we are sick


it’s beautiful outside, 31°C and sunny. The boys are healthy luckily, but Papa Madola is lying bed with a fever, infected sinuses and joint pains. He is an easy patient as long as he is sleeping 🙂 I was also sick, was stung by a wasp last week and had a seriously shitty allergic reaction to it over the weekend. Luckily the doc gave me some cortisone tablets so that I can function again today. I looked like a ‘Streuselkuchen' or maybe more like I had measles. Anyway, its over now, the rash is calming down and the swelling is almost all gone! So glad its over. Its not a nice feeling to be so itchy, swollen and overall feeling weird.

Now looking after the husband while the kids are going crazy in the flat. Babka in the over, an order form my husband. Healthy dinner has been shopped for and will be made later when it gets a little cooler. I think I`m gonna keep on cleaning, clearing and making the house a little neater. Every once in while I get an attack of wanting to give lots away and make space. I feel its cluttered here and I don’t like to have too many things. It makes life harder and chaotic. I like it to be minimalistic but with a charm and warm feeling. Just not too many things!

And I guess I have to prepare for autumn too. Even though the temperatures don’t really feel like autumn, I know soon its gonna change and then I will be scrambling to get it cosy in here. So now that I have some time in here, maybe I will use it wisely and prepare a couple of things.

xx Mama Madola


Alltägliches Ringen mit meinem Großen


Ich muss zugeben, im Moment habe ich Phasen in denen ich gern alles hinschmeißen möchte. Mein Großer, Lennon, stellt mich im Moment tagtäglich auf die Probe. Als ob er ausprobieren möchte ob ich es auch ernst meine. Das ist sein Job. Das muss er tun, Grenzen austesten, meine Worttreue prüfen, sein eigenes Reich abstecken und auch mal sagen dürfen: “Mama, bitte lass mich in Ruhe ich möchte jetzt spielen”. Doch das ständige austesten kann auch ganz schön an den Nerven zerren. Ich mache es grundsätzlich gern, mit Überzeugung und Liebe, doch auch einen Job den man liebt darf man mal anstrengend finden…oder nicht?


Lennon wird im Dezember 5 Jahre alt und sein Horizont wird immer weiter. Er fragt mehr detaillierte Fragen, will viel über die Natur und vor allem Tieren wissen. Ich liebe das. Das Fragen und wenn ich es nicht weiss muss ich es rausfinden… Toll, so kann ich auch noch dazulernen. Lennon ist total vernarrt in alles was krabbelt. Von Spinnen, Armeisen, Kellerasseln zu Fröschen, Fischen und größeren Tieren wie Katzen, Hunde und Bauernhoftieren. Wir müssen regelmässig zur Domäne Dahlem um den Kühen, Schweinen und Hühnern Hallo zu sagen. Es ist ihm sehr wichtig. Jeden Tag fängt er ein Krabbeltier und bringt es nach Hause. Er hat mittlerweile immer eine Tupperschale mit, falls er fündig wird. Wie bekommt ihr es hin euren Kindern die Natur nahe zu bringen wenn ihr in einer Stadt wohnt ohne Garten vor der Tür? Je älter die Jungs werden, je mehr Fragen von Lennon kommen, desto mehr wird mir klar das ich möchte das sie viel Natur erleben, fühlen und aufnehmen können. Ich möchte das sie wissen wo Gemüse und Früchte herkommen, wie sie wachsen und wie sie alle heißen. Ich möchte mein kleines Wissen von Pflanzennamen an sie weitergeben und ihnen nahelegen auf die Natur aufzupassen, ein Bewusstsein für unsere Umgebung zu entwickeln.

Doch ich empfinde es als sehr schwer das zu erreichen in der Stadt in einer Etagenwohnung ohne Balkon. Die paar Pflanzen die ich in Töpfen hier in der Wohnung habe machen nun mal keinen Garten wett. Mal sehen was noch wird…

XXX Mama Madola

Summer Holidays

Just in time for the start of summer holidays, the boys are both healthy again, the virus has past and we can get excited about spending one week in Denmark. The holiday house is very close to the North Sea and if we are lucky the weather will be nice and we will spend all day every day in the beach. Lennon will be looking for jelly fish, Elliot will be playing soccer with his uncle and I will finally have some time to read a book…

Then after one week I will drive home to Berlin with the boys only to drive back to my mothers home four days later and to spend some special time alone, without the kids, with my dear husband. I must admit I’m very excited but also a little worried to leave the kids behind. I know my mother will do just fine with them, she raised us four by herself so I know she is very capable 🙂 and I keep telling myself that it is important for Papa Madola and I also get to be a couple, have alone time, chat without interruptions, enjoy a glas of wine at night by a candle lit dinner and not have to worry about having to get up 5 hours later…

Love, mama madola

Riding his bike


my oldest son, Lennon has been nagging me to teach him how to ride his big boys bike. Since we restored my old one, the one I learned how to ride a bike on, he has been trying to sit on it and couldn’t reach the floor yet. We tried again three weeks ago and he could reach the floor. He was over the moon and we went straight ahead with balancing and I showed him to put the pedals just ride to gain momentum and so on.

It didn’t take long, he was very persistent and patient, and he told me to stop helping him, not to hold him and to let go. When did kids become so clever?

wIt literally felt like he was asking me to let go and let him gain more independence, to loosen the string just a little more for him to grow up and become his own self. I let go and felt so proud but also so sad. Proud of my sunshine boy that has now entered the stage of riding a bike, so proud that he went with it, wasn’t scared of it, didn’t need training wheels and learned riding his bike within a week, from first time sitting properly on it to being able to jump on and off by himself and steer his way past pedestrians and other obstacles. And very sad because he is growing up so fast, pushing for independence and learning so fast that I sometimes feel I can’t keep up. He has made a big jump this summer, and the summer isn’t even over yet…

Being a parent must be the only job in the world where being proud, love and sadness lay so close together you experience them all at once.

Mama Madola

Homemade Cherry Jam


I don’t know how you all feel about making jam yourself. I had never done it and when I found out one of my friends just bought herself a garden here in Berlin with a huge cherry tree, I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on those cherries and try my luck. It turned out to be a lot if work, patience and very nice tasting jam. In other words it was all worth it.

I am finding making things like jam, picking cucumber, making things from scratch with the boys is a real treat. It makes us appreciate it so much more and the boys can see how it all is made and how much work it means.


Like my friends just got a garden, that would be ideal for us living in the city. Here in Berlin lots of people live in apartments and either buy/rent a little garden further out or get themselves a weekend house even further out of the city where they spend their weekends in the green, near a lake or forrest. It is  a nice escape from the city especially for children. The older they get, the more they are interested in little bugs, insects, beetles I find myself trying to show them nature without it being on a city playground between other children playing, toys and the random dog poop. I try to drive out into a forrest or to a lake as much as I can so the boys can hear the birds, watch ants do their work, experience nature without much other noise around. It seems so important today to make them aware of their surroundings because of how the world has changed.

LOVE, MamaMadola

Reflection and New Year’s Plans


The year is almost over and I have had some time today to reflect on this year. I was in bed, lucky me has the flu, and I thought about what we have achieved this year and what’s to come.

This year seems to have passed very quickly. One year ago we moved into our apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin and to this day, I still hate the 95 steps up to our amazing flat. Papa Madola loves his job, is composing amazing sounds and making clients happy by delivering a perfect product almost every time. Lennon has started Kindergarten properly, he is now away from 8am until 11:45 am. And I got to experience some freedom again.
He has grown up so much and as he turned two, two days ago, I realised that we all have grown so much over the last two years. We had a difficult departure from Cape Town, immigrated to a pretty cold but wonderful country and we made a life for ourselves. I think we can pat ourselves on our backs and give each other a high five for getting through it.


Next year will look a little different. Wir haben einpaar Veränderungen vor uns. Ab Mai werden wir voraussichtlich zu viert sein. Lennon will be a big brother by the time June 2014 comes around and we will be a family with a new addition. Besides a new little human, we are planning on moving apartments, not sure where to, but we have our sight set on the flat underneath us. Das wäre ein super entspannter Umzug. Very relaxed move just 10 stairs down. That would be great.
Papa Madola is going to continue his work as a sound engineer and composer and make big clients happy and I will be continuing to be the house- executive 🙂 with all it’s up’s and down’s.

What do you guys have planned for the next year?
Any changes coming your way?

*Hugs and Kisses*

Birthday Madness…

photo 3-1

Lennon turned two yesterday and for some reason I felt I had to throw him a party. We, Lennon, Papa Madola and I, landed up just having cake and coffee with my mother and my sister and it turned out to be a cozy and very relaxed birthed afternoon with a sugared up and crazy birthday boy.

Why the hell did I make my life so hard two days before. I left so many things to the last minute that I could have organised earlier and be less stressed. But I guess this is how I have to learn and next year I will prepare a present well in advance and get the ingredients for a cake not on the day I have to make the cake but maybe two-three days before.

photo 1-1

Lennon had fun, of that I am sure. We blew up lots of balloons and he loved it. He has a definite love for balloons and soccer balls. A real boy.

Today we had a relaxing day after the storm. Went for a child walk to the Hackischen Höfe and had some left-over cake and tea afterwards.

photo 2-1

And I realised that next year I will have to actually throw him a little party maybe with a friend or two, and I will have to be better prepared.
How come I think its such a big deal. Lennon’s birthday seems much bigger than my own or Papa Madola’s. Oh being a parent is strange sometimes.

*Hugs and Kisses*

Homemade Caramel Sweets for Christmas


I have found a new favourite homemade sweet this year. I was on the search on what to give as a present to Lennon’s kindergarten teacher and my parents. And I found a seemingly easy recipe for caramel bonbons. I must admit that I have been a little scared of anything that uses sugar heated up and having to use a candy thermometer. But I decided to go ahead and risk having to by a new stove due to over boiled and burned caramel.

Oh and who knew, but I actually made it over that caramel mountain. I succeeded. And they taste amazing. I wish I could send my mother in law some, she loves caramels. She would be the best person to give me the go-ahead with these sweets.


Tomorrow I will write down the recipe. It’s really quite easy.

Good Night.

*Hugs and Kisses*

Blocked brain, no idea what to write about…


Between making caramel bonbons and organising my son’s second birthday this coming friday, I have realised that I have been very bad with keeping up my blogging hobby. Warum/Why?!

Is it because I feel too busy and the two minutes to myself I rather spend on the couch with a cup of tea, or is it because I don’t have much to share. Is this normal? Normal oder komisch?

Looking back at my last two weeks, I have had many things happen around me, but nothing really worth writing about. Right? Maybe I should share even the normal day life things and not just the exciting things.

Both my son and husband were sick last week. Both had the flu which then turned into a bad cough. And we lady’s sure know, that men don’t seem to take well to being sick.
After 3 days of complaining about his cough, I sent Papa Madola to a doctor to get medications. Between Lennon being sick and dear husband complaining, I felt like I needed to keep my sanity and get Papa Madola sorted out.
I can handle a sick child any day, but male patients seem to really get to me.

Now they are both much better. Lennon is back at kindergarten and is loving it. So happy to be back with other kids to interact and play with. The kindergarten teacher told me that Lennon tries to talk to the other kids, but they don’t understand him, so they turn to the teacher to translate. Quite sweet. I am sure Lennon will soon be picking up some german and start talking to the other kids.

Papa Madola is also much better, but even though he is supposed to be on a well deserved break from work, he is back in the studio doing what he does best. Trust me when I say I am going to have to kidnapp him after christmas and drive him somewhere, force him to take the holiday. If we stay here in Berlin, he will be working instead of resting.

And like I said its Lennon’s second birthday this coming Friday. I have only planned to make a big chocolate cake and we will have my sister and mother over for coffee, as well as a friend from school with her two lovely daughters. He is only turning two and I am taking advantage of not having to bring out the big guns yet 🙂

As you can see, many things to plan and tick off my list.

I should really add writing a post at least every third day.*Hugs and Kisses*