Summer in Berlin…and we are sick


it’s beautiful outside, 31°C and sunny. The boys are healthy luckily, but Papa Madola is lying bed with a fever, infected sinuses and joint pains. He is an easy patient as long as he is sleeping 🙂 I was also sick, was stung by a wasp last week and had a seriously shitty allergic reaction to it over the weekend. Luckily the doc gave me some cortisone tablets so that I can function again today. I looked like a ‘Streuselkuchen' or maybe more like I had measles. Anyway, its over now, the rash is calming down and the swelling is almost all gone! So glad its over. Its not a nice feeling to be so itchy, swollen and overall feeling weird.

Now looking after the husband while the kids are going crazy in the flat. Babka in the over, an order form my husband. Healthy dinner has been shopped for and will be made later when it gets a little cooler. I think I`m gonna keep on cleaning, clearing and making the house a little neater. Every once in while I get an attack of wanting to give lots away and make space. I feel its cluttered here and I don’t like to have too many things. It makes life harder and chaotic. I like it to be minimalistic but with a charm and warm feeling. Just not too many things!

And I guess I have to prepare for autumn too. Even though the temperatures don’t really feel like autumn, I know soon its gonna change and then I will be scrambling to get it cosy in here. So now that I have some time in here, maybe I will use it wisely and prepare a couple of things.

xx Mama Madola



Sourdough bread 

When one kid and the husband are sick I seem to always resort to baking and cooking with the healthy child. It’s fun and it gives us something to do while looking after the patients in their beds. 

I have always wanted to try make sourdough bread myself, of cause with my own homemade starter. I remember trying it out in Cape Town once but failed miserably. So when two out of four were sick I made the starter and three days later Lennon and I made the bread. It turned out lovely. It didn’t deflate like the last one I made. It took a while 24 hours to be honest but it tasted and looked like sourdough bread from the bakery. I was quite happy about the result and we all had a piece with our homemade cherry jam. It was very delicious. Now the starter is in the fridge and waiting for his new opportunity to make us happy with some real good bread. 

Do you also like trying out new things in the kitchen? Baking or cooking? 


Back again… new energy!


the last month has been crazy, my little man has started kindergarden and even though I thought I would be cool about it, I do miss him when I leave him for 15 min. Crazy how attached a mother is to her child. Oh well its crazy how I am attached to little Lennon, who isn’t so little any more after all.
He doesn’t visit the kindergarden the whole day, just for two hours and I am accompany him the whole time, but I sit in the background and let the kindergarden teacher handle everything. Then I leave for 15 min and go around the block once or twice to kill the time. Its weird to have the time/ peace to look at things in the shops, windows and be at a supermarket without having someone pull stuff out of the shelves from their pram. Hahahaha after 2 years of having my sunshine around, I can’t remember life before him. Thats great. So happy to have him and to also slowly find some new freedom.
Next week we will hopefully take the next step and I will leave him for a longer time so that he actually really accepts and realises that I can go and leave him with the other kids and that I also come back every time.

Otherwise Berlin has been rainy, grey, winter and pre-adventszeit. When I lived in Cape Town, I always missed this time. The time when it gets cold and rainy. I do kind of love putting the heaters on, lighting candles all over the rooms and baking christmas-biscuits. It makes my heart feel warm 🙂 I have made some double chocolate chip cookies so far and some peanut butter biscuits. Lennon loves them, so do I. Papa Madola isn’t such a biscuit fan. So Lennon and I get to eat them all…


What do you guys bake, pickle, cook during this time?
Its funny in Cape Town this feeling of having to bake, cook, pickle things, never overcame me. Must have been the warm weather and time at the Clifton Beach that kept me occupied enough to not think about it 🙂

Would love to hear what you guys are making this christmas-time.

*Hugs and Kisses*

Saturday Night Life

It’s saturday and my husband, Lennon and I are sitting on the couch reading books and talking about silly things.
Oh ja ein Blick in unseren Samstag Abend. Sehr unterhaltsam wenn auch nicht immer sehr intelligent.
It might all be very crazy and silly but lacks intelligence sometimes. But that’s the beauty about it 🙂


Oh and Cinnamon Cinnabon roles are rising in the oven. Heaven! Love them. Whoever hasn’t had Cinnabon hasn’t lived. To me it’s the best Cinnamon role and dessert there is.
I’ll post some pics of my Cinnabon roles when they ready, on my Facebook Page. Check it out a little later:

Was noch. Oh mein Liebster Mann hat doch tatsächlich vorhin die Heizung angemacht. He as a south african can’t stand being cold and on go the heaters in the lounge. Hope the electricity bill will be kind to us.

Ok. Now off to play more games and make Lennon laugh.

*Hugs and Kisses*

Pickled Cucumber… my husband’s favourite


Now that Winter is approaching fast, I am starting to feel like a hamster.
I want to make my favourite pickled cucumber, bake biscuits, crunchy bars etc. All to prepare for the cold days when I don’t feel like braving the cold and going to the shops. Crazy.
Kennt ihr das auch? Eingelegte Gurckenscheiben, Plaumen und ander leckere Dinge sind immer ein Erfold im Winter, finde ich.

But what else could I make? Any suggestions?

Ich bin auch am Herbst-Aufräumen. Ich liebe es auszusortieren und Ordnung und Platz zu schaffen. There is nothing better than an organized home with space for new things.
Gone are the old things I haven’t touched/used for a year. Only little memories, cards and special things I keep. But what I haven’t used in a year has to go. Love that liberating feeling.
And it overcomes me at least every 6 months.


Und nun das Winter vor der Tür steht, habe ich die Winterpullover, Jacken und Schuhe wieder rausgeholt und die Sommersachen weggepackt. Thank G’d for Ikea and their storage ideas and boxes. I now have an organized cupboard and a happy heart.

How do you guys prepare for Winter?

*Hugs and Kisses*

Its friday! Hell YEAHHH


Its friday and the sun is shining.
My beautiful husband is in Hamburg for business and I am making challah for tonight’s shabbes dinner.
What are you guys up to? Nix, Nichts, Nada?

I promised you a picture of my peach cake I baked the other miserable day. Here it is…

Otherwise, the son of mine is having his midday nap, I should also sleep, didn’t have much sleep last night, but I have had three cups of coffee and feel more like spring cleaning than sleeping.
I might just collapse later. Not a good idea. Lets see.
I hope my husband is gonna return from Hamburg soon so we can make sure to get outside and catch some sun. I feel like I have to make use of all the sun that’s left until the german winter hits us again. Oh how I am dreading the cold and the snow.
I would love to live 6 months in Berlin, Germany and the other half, during the german winter, somewhere else in the world where its warm and nice during the december time.
I know I had that in Cape Town. Almost no winter. I mean a little rain and some really uncomfortable days in june, July, but never winter like here in Berlin. I must say, I prefer the capetonian weather any day.
Wish the quality of life would be the same in Cape Town as it is in Berlin. I would still be living over there.

This weekend we have a Strassenfest happening in our Kiez.
I’m interested how that will turn out. I saw them setting up yesterday already and its starting this afternoon. check it out:


It’s gonna be funny and interesting to go there tomorrow or maybe even tonight for a beer or two and watch all the different colourful people that live in this area. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I do live in ‘Hipster Town Central’ here in Berlin and I do love sitting somewhere just watching these Hipsters drink their latte macchiato’s, wearing their creepers and Charlie Chaplin hat’s. Not sure what all the fuss is about but I do find it all very entertaining 🙂
Is that wrong? I don’t think so, I am a housewife with a 20 month old child, wearing normal cloths, maybe on the boring side of style and I like to wonder about these Hipsters where they get their confidence from to walk around either almost naked or more like a christmas tree.*Hugs and Kisses*

Zwischen ‘Dakke’, ‘What’s That?’ and Vbac


The little Lennon is starting to make little sentences.
It’s too sweet sometimes. It happens and I wonder if I heard right.
Yesterday he points at a bird and says: ‘What’s that?’. Not very well pronounced and a little wishy washy but it was there. Maybe I’m just the proud mother that hearing things but I believe he said it and thats enough for me 🙂


Otherwise it’s becoming cold and wet here in Berlin.
I’m going to bake a cake with the little prince when he wakes up from his nap. He loves to help me in the kitchen and we both love to make a big mess in the kitchen while baking and cooking. He tasts all the different things and tries to stir the dough. So cute the little man. Afterwards he gets to eat the cake and I start cleaning. Doesn’t seem fair but I don’t mind. That sweet little face makes it all worth it.

Last night I was reading an article about woman being pressured into having a caesarean section more and more. I was shocked at the increase. Don’t get me wrong, thank god we have this procedure to help us when needed, but don’t these doctors and woman think about the consequences of a caesarean? I studied nursing, midwifery and psychiatric nursing in Cape Town, South Africa and I am sometimes baffled at the way woman leave the decisions up to the doctors, nurses and midwives. Why don’t so many woman inform themselves before hand, why aren’t they proactive when it comes to having their children. I remember a friend of mine that told me she was talked into having a caesarean with her first born and that she felt lost and without any control over what was going to happen to her and her baby.
I asked her why she didn’t contact a midwife when she found out that she was pregnant. And she answered with: ‘ I didn’t know where and who to ask’. I was shocked. This friend is a well educated woman and left it up to her doctor to make the decisions. Maybe I should have told her where to go when she was pregnant. At that time I was still a first year student and wasn’t so clued up about the midwives in Cape Town. But I think I at least should have given her a little nudge to make her question her non- existent birth plan. Yes, the doctors, nurses and midwives probably most of the time know better, but being pregnant and having children is not a illness, we don’t need surgery to have children in most cases, the why do we leave it up to the people that perform surgeries all day.


Ok I am venting about something completely weird. But I have been thinking about these things recently.
I am now back in Germany and in future I will have to find a Doctor that is willing to help me deliver my second baby via Vbac.
Yes, I also had a caesarean section. But it wasn’t planned, I wanted a home birth, but my dear Lennon wanted to sun tan, rather than turn into an anterior position to fit through my pelvis. So I watched my fears come true that day, but on the other end our beautiful, perfect son was born and all was worth it.

I hope that the support system here in Berlin is better than in Cape Town, I hope I can find a doctor that is open to give nature a chance and to let it be. I know that my chance to have another caesarean is high, but I want to at least try when the time comes.

What are your guys experiences? How did you deal with a birth-plan being ripped to pieces? Did you ever feel you failed because it didn’t happen they way you wished for?

Ok, I promise, next time I’ll write a little more happy and colourful 🙂

*Hugs and Kisses*

My Passion: Baking


One of my passions is definitely: ‘baking’. I would love to bake something everyday but don’t have anyone to eat all the goodies. Therefore I only get to bake for special occasions or when I feel really bored I just bake and hope it will be eaten by my son and husband.
Last week I made a Lemon Meringue Tart and I thought it turned out quite nicely. The meringue was perfect. But we only ate half the tart and the rest was left to stay in the fridge until I decided it was time to part ways with the tart and discarded the rest. It was a sad ‘Good Bye’. I should really make more friends and have people over when one of my ‘baking attacks’ hits me. 🙂 Anyone interested? 🙂 Hahahahahaaha…

Was noch… Today is Thursday and I am going to leave the house today. Otherwise i’m gonna get crazy. Yesterday I just hang out with Lennon at home and today is ‘showing the world my face again’ day!!!

Besides that, Lennon really needs Nappies desperately. Good excuse to leave the flat, down those 95 stairs and into the Berlin sun. I mean who am I to complain about that. Right? Really, what the hell am I talking about and complaining about. The weather is beautiful and fresh air is also a good idea…
Let’s get outside already!

This morning I hung up some hangers for Lennon and his cloths. I love it when the household, including his room, is tidy and organised. So I hung up some hangers for us to hang up his cloths at night or what ever can be hung up and not lie around on the floor.


And I hung up a drawing, made by Lennon, in his room. It looks lovely and who would have thought that I can do that still. I Haven’t done that in years and this morning I decided it was about time. Selbst ist die Frau, richtig?!

*Hugs and Kisses*