Hello again…


Vieles hat sich geändert seit dem letzten Mal als ich geschrieben habe. Mittlerweile sind wir zu viert, das Leben scheint schneller geworden zu sein, die Jungs sind unser Sonnenschein und werden zu schnell groß für meinen Geschmack…

Andere Dinge haben sich nicht geändert. Papa Madola arbeitet noch immer als Komponist (Tonmeister) und wir wohnen wie gehabt in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Wir sind immer noch  in der nun langsam zu klein werdenden Wohnung und haben uns aber gut an die früher sehr verhassten Treppen gewöhnt.

Lennon und Elliot wachsen zweisprachig auf, Lennon ist jeden Tag im Kindergarten und sein Deutsch ist mittlerweile so gut wie das seiner Freunde in der Kita. Elliot beginnt gerade seine ersten Worte zu finden, die jedoch überwiegend auf Englisch sind. Ich bin gespannt wie das noch wird…

Lennon liebt den Kindergarten und genießt es immer sehr dort mit gleichaltrigen zu spielen, neue Welten zu erfinden und in sie einzutauchen. Zuhause muss er sich viel nach seinem kleinen Bruder richten der noch nicht so feinfühlig ist was das Erfinden von Spielen angeht. Er ist noch sehr für die eher groben Spiele zu haben z.B. Hüpfen, Ball werfen und schießen, Fangen und Verstecken. Sie spielen viel und gern zusammen, ich geniesse das sehr! Ab und zu haben sie sich auch sehr in den Haaren und messen sich im Geschwisterkampf. Das endet dann oft in Tränen ist aber auch nicht immer zu verhindern. Ich kann mich sehr gut daran erinnern mich mit meinen Geschwistern gestritten zu haben, es gehört nun mal dazu…

Wie ist das bei Euch so unter Geschwistern? Es sind ja immer Phasen, das hilft mir oft mich daran zu erinnern!

So gute Nacht erst einmal…

Love, Mama M.


Blocked brain, no idea what to write about…


Between making caramel bonbons and organising my son’s second birthday this coming friday, I have realised that I have been very bad with keeping up my blogging hobby. Warum/Why?!

Is it because I feel too busy and the two minutes to myself I rather spend on the couch with a cup of tea, or is it because I don’t have much to share. Is this normal? Normal oder komisch?

Looking back at my last two weeks, I have had many things happen around me, but nothing really worth writing about. Right? Maybe I should share even the normal day life things and not just the exciting things.

Both my son and husband were sick last week. Both had the flu which then turned into a bad cough. And we lady’s sure know, that men don’t seem to take well to being sick.
After 3 days of complaining about his cough, I sent Papa Madola to a doctor to get medications. Between Lennon being sick and dear husband complaining, I felt like I needed to keep my sanity and get Papa Madola sorted out.
I can handle a sick child any day, but male patients seem to really get to me.

Now they are both much better. Lennon is back at kindergarten and is loving it. So happy to be back with other kids to interact and play with. The kindergarten teacher told me that Lennon tries to talk to the other kids, but they don’t understand him, so they turn to the teacher to translate. Quite sweet. I am sure Lennon will soon be picking up some german and start talking to the other kids.

Papa Madola is also much better, but even though he is supposed to be on a well deserved break from work, he is back in the studio doing what he does best. Trust me when I say I am going to have to kidnapp him after christmas and drive him somewhere, force him to take the holiday. If we stay here in Berlin, he will be working instead of resting.

And like I said its Lennon’s second birthday this coming Friday. I have only planned to make a big chocolate cake and we will have my sister and mother over for coffee, as well as a friend from school with her two lovely daughters. He is only turning two and I am taking advantage of not having to bring out the big guns yet 🙂

As you can see, many things to plan and tick off my list.

I should really add writing a post at least every third day.*Hugs and Kisses*

Zwischen ‘Dakke’, ‘What’s That?’ and Vbac


The little Lennon is starting to make little sentences.
It’s too sweet sometimes. It happens and I wonder if I heard right.
Yesterday he points at a bird and says: ‘What’s that?’. Not very well pronounced and a little wishy washy but it was there. Maybe I’m just the proud mother that hearing things but I believe he said it and thats enough for me 🙂


Otherwise it’s becoming cold and wet here in Berlin.
I’m going to bake a cake with the little prince when he wakes up from his nap. He loves to help me in the kitchen and we both love to make a big mess in the kitchen while baking and cooking. He tasts all the different things and tries to stir the dough. So cute the little man. Afterwards he gets to eat the cake and I start cleaning. Doesn’t seem fair but I don’t mind. That sweet little face makes it all worth it.

Last night I was reading an article about woman being pressured into having a caesarean section more and more. I was shocked at the increase. Don’t get me wrong, thank god we have this procedure to help us when needed, but don’t these doctors and woman think about the consequences of a caesarean? I studied nursing, midwifery and psychiatric nursing in Cape Town, South Africa and I am sometimes baffled at the way woman leave the decisions up to the doctors, nurses and midwives. Why don’t so many woman inform themselves before hand, why aren’t they proactive when it comes to having their children. I remember a friend of mine that told me she was talked into having a caesarean with her first born and that she felt lost and without any control over what was going to happen to her and her baby.
I asked her why she didn’t contact a midwife when she found out that she was pregnant. And she answered with: ‘ I didn’t know where and who to ask’. I was shocked. This friend is a well educated woman and left it up to her doctor to make the decisions. Maybe I should have told her where to go when she was pregnant. At that time I was still a first year student and wasn’t so clued up about the midwives in Cape Town. But I think I at least should have given her a little nudge to make her question her non- existent birth plan. Yes, the doctors, nurses and midwives probably most of the time know better, but being pregnant and having children is not a illness, we don’t need surgery to have children in most cases, the why do we leave it up to the people that perform surgeries all day.


Ok I am venting about something completely weird. But I have been thinking about these things recently.
I am now back in Germany and in future I will have to find a Doctor that is willing to help me deliver my second baby via Vbac.
Yes, I also had a caesarean section. But it wasn’t planned, I wanted a home birth, but my dear Lennon wanted to sun tan, rather than turn into an anterior position to fit through my pelvis. So I watched my fears come true that day, but on the other end our beautiful, perfect son was born and all was worth it.

I hope that the support system here in Berlin is better than in Cape Town, I hope I can find a doctor that is open to give nature a chance and to let it be. I know that my chance to have another caesarean is high, but I want to at least try when the time comes.

What are your guys experiences? How did you deal with a birth-plan being ripped to pieces? Did you ever feel you failed because it didn’t happen they way you wished for?

Ok, I promise, next time I’ll write a little more happy and colourful 🙂

*Hugs and Kisses*

‘Nackidei’ is the new ‘Please’


This morning my dear son Lennon wanted some yogurt for breakfast.
He pointed at the yoghurt in the fridge and made it very clear that I should be moving faster to make it all happen.
I asked him to say ‘please’, as I am trying very hard to add some new words to his vocabulary, and he smiles at me and says: ‘nackidei’.
Its german for ‘ butt naked, or completely naked’. I had to laugh out aloud and he loved the reaction. He thought he was took funny and started to repeat it. I’ve noticed he says words and watches my or Papa Madola’s reaction and those words that get a laugh, he will repeat. The others he won’t repeat again. As you can imagine, we had a very happy and funny breakfast. Him eating his yoguhrt and us laughing at him saying funny words and trying to make us laugh even more.

In the last couple of days he has been adding little words to his vocabulary and I have been trying to add new ones with him. But he does in his own time and I am sure he’ll get there eventually.
Because of him growing up in an English/German language household, he mixes a lot. But he uses mostly english words. Besides the usual ‘Mama’, ‘Papa’, ‘Wau Wau’ and ‘Mooo’, he now also says: ‘Down’, ‘Water’, ‘Nackidei’, ‘More’, ‘Duck’, ‘Ball’ and ‘Daddy’ and ‘Dakke’, which is probably meant to be ‘Danke’, ‘Thank you’ in german.
As you can see its mostly english and on the one hand I cant wait for him to build sentences but on on the other hand I am not sure I want to have the ‘Why’ question coming all the time and discussions why he can or cant do something.
But I don’t have a choice and thats the way it is… Luckily due to the bilingual mess he is starting a little later than other kids.

*Hugs and Kisses*

Bilingual Blog?!


How do I write a Blog and accommodate all friends and family. Keine Ahnung. I have friends and family, Freunde und Verwandte, who don’t the same language. Schreibe ich nur auf Deutsch und die südafrikansichen Leser können es nicht verstehen, or do I write only in english and hope that all my german readers understand english? A real Bilingual mess, I say!!! Oder schreibe ich den Blog auf Deutsch mit der Option es alles auch auf Englisch lesen zu können, also würde ich jeden Post zweimal in zwei verschiedenen Sprachen schreiben müssen. Gibt es keinen automatischen Übersetzer! That would be wonderful. Oh well, I guess I’m gonna have to write in two languages and hope some one is happy about my efforts to accommodate everyone.
What are your suggestions? Irgendwelche Ideen wie ich es lösen könnte?

At the moment we are experiencing a heat wave in Berlin. The best! Es gibt nichts besseres als warmes Wetter, so lange es nicht zu warm ist. Lennon loves playing outside, we have ice lollies, watermelon and play with water. Er its meist nur in seiner Windel und schmiert sich den Matsch auf den Bauch, herrlich kühl und dreckig. Findet er toll.

Heute Abend ist Shabbes. I’m gonna cook up a storm, no wait.. Im gonna prepare a whole lot of asian ingredients and the just before Dinner throw it together to serve as a salad. Ich glaube ich werde aber heute zur Feier des Tages einen Lemon Meringue Pie backen. I’ll take pictures to show you how the pie turned out. So, we will have an asian inspired salad, with lemon meringue pie for dessert and some white wine to wash it all down. Sounds good? I think so. Light, not too heavy. I cant eat heavy food on hot days.

Morgen kommt Lennon’s Tante. Er freut sich schon sehr. Endlich jemand der mit ihm spielen will, ohne die Wäsche waschen zu müssen, die Küche zu putzen etc. 🙂 Sie wird eine Weile in Berlin bleiben, das wird uns viel Gelegenheit bieten Kaffee zu trinken, zu klönen, etwas zu unternehmen, Berlin unsicher zu machen und so weiter. Wir freuen uns schon auf sie!!!

Bye Bye…


beim morgendlichen Brötchenholen findet Lennon es passende allen Passanten zuzuwinken und lauthals ‘Bye Bye..’ ruft. Es soll wohl heissen ‘Guten Morgen’ oder wenigstens ‘Hallo’, doch wegen des sprachlichen Kuddelmuddel bekommt er es noch nicht auf die Reihe das er eigentlich das Gegenteil sagen will 🙂 Doch alle Beteiligten, ob Alt oder Jung, finden es sehr süss und er bekommt, trotz Missverständnis, jede Menge Applaus und Zärtlichkeiten.
Weil mein Mann Südafrikaner ist und ich 6 Jahre in Kapstadt, studiert, gelebt habe, wird bei uns Zuhause Englisch gesprochen. Ab und zu mixe ich Deutsch mit rein, weil mir etwas nicht auf Englisch einfällt, doch meistens ist alles auf Englisch. Ab Oktober beginnt Lennon in eine Kita zu gehen und ich bin mir sicher, dann wird er schnell aufholen was die deutsche Sprache angeht und vielleicht werden wir auch bald ein ‘Guten Morgen’ hören anstelle von ‘Bye Bye..’. Kennt ihr das auch?
*Hugs and Kisses*