A new year

Hey there you all out there. It’s a new year and new plans are being made, new dreams and goals are being set. 

For us it’s going to be an interesting year Our youngest little Elliot will start kindergarten in February, after one month of getting used to kindergarten I will be starting my new job part time. It’s an adventure where I am really interested to see what happens to us. Will we manage to rearrange our family routine, will papa madola manage to chip in quite a bit more and he won’t be able to rely on me as much as he is used to any longer. Will we get a balanced routine in place in the morning, I will start work at 6:45 am and papa madola will have to get the kids ready and have them at kindergarten by 8am. Will it all work out?

I am looking forward to having sometime to use my brain differently. To interact with patients again. To look after people, talk to them and also have my own little kingdom of mama Madola experiences that I can take home with me.  And the perks of being dual income household won’t be too bad I imagine 🙂 let’s see…

The boys are good. Lennon stayed another week at home after Christmas and New Years it felt right to stay at home together and just have family time. We paint a lot, read books and the play with their new toys while I bake, sew or just read 😉 heaven if you guys ask me!!! 

And besides, I kind of wanna use the freedom of being able to do that still. Just not sending the kids to kindergarten because I feel like it. From march onwards that won’t be possible anymore. So what the hell. Let’s go on a little vacation at home and chill 🙂

Kisses,mama Madola 


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