Denmark Holiday 2016


The boys and I are in Denmark, to be exact on an island called Rømø. Far from the internet, with lots of beach, sea and freedom for the boys. Today was our first day of rain and very little to no sun the whole day. Only now at the end of the day, just in time for sunset, is the sun coming out as if she wants to tell us that tomorrow will be a better day, that she hasn’t left yet. Nothing worse than being inside the whole day with two boys because the rain is too much and both boys have a running nose. Just before supper time I sent them outside packed up in their rain cloths and lucky us the sun came out and gave us just one hour of very nice playing time outside in the garden of our holiday home.

We are here for another three days. This little holiday makes me think about a graden again, if we shouldn’t move into a little house in the outskirts of Berlin, or should we stay in the city and raise our boys as city boys. Even in the city I can teach them about nature, it just doesn’t feel as real, it takes more effort on my part, which I don’t mind, but I somehow prefer them also exploring for themselves too without me always having to show or intrude because of not ideal nature environments.

Sending love from the North Sea, Denmark

Mama Madola


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