Last woman standing…

Now after Papa Madola and Elliot, Lennon has also become sick. Besides fever he can not keep any food or drink down. I must admit that I don’t mind any sickness but a stomach bug or anything that has to do with vomit, I have a hard time handling. Shame but Lennon is super hungry and keeps asking for salami pizza from the Italian place downstairs in our building. As a 4 year old he doesn’t understand yet that his stomach will most likely just throw it up again. Let’s hope that the day will end with some improvement and he will be able to eat again tomorrow. The drinking part I will have to sort out today before he dehydrates too much. Gonna make some special stomach tea for him and try give it to him spoon by spoon. Hold thumbs for us that it will work…

I made some Middle East inspired dish today because I felt like something hearty. The weather in Berlin today is as if it was autumn. Cold and cloudy. No summer in sight. Hope that will change by the weekend. I need sun in the midst of sick family 🙂 



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