Birthday Madness…

photo 3-1

Lennon turned two yesterday and for some reason I felt I had to throw him a party. We, Lennon, Papa Madola and I, landed up just having cake and coffee with my mother and my sister and it turned out to be a cozy and very relaxed birthed afternoon with a sugared up and crazy birthday boy.

Why the hell did I make my life so hard two days before. I left so many things to the last minute that I could have organised earlier and be less stressed. But I guess this is how I have to learn and next year I will prepare a present well in advance and get the ingredients for a cake not on the day I have to make the cake but maybe two-three days before.

photo 1-1

Lennon had fun, of that I am sure. We blew up lots of balloons and he loved it. He has a definite love for balloons and soccer balls. A real boy.

Today we had a relaxing day after the storm. Went for a child walk to the Hackischen Höfe and had some left-over cake and tea afterwards.

photo 2-1

And I realised that next year I will have to actually throw him a little party maybe with a friend or two, and I will have to be better prepared.
How come I think its such a big deal. Lennon’s birthday seems much bigger than my own or Papa Madola’s. Oh being a parent is strange sometimes.

*Hugs and Kisses*


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