Pretty Pegs and my husband- a love story


My husband is a secret perfectionist. Er will es immer alles ganz genau und richtig machen. We bought some couches from Ikea, which we love and are super comfortable.
But the legs weren’t nice/ original enough for my dear husband. He kept complaining so much that I was considering selling the good couches, just to keep him quiet.


One morning he said to me, I should make it my mission to find a place where we could buy wooden couch legs to replace the so ‘super ugly’ ones. But before I got a chance, I mean I have a toddler to look after, change nappies, get groceries and have a household to look after, and my only time I can do anything like research for wooden couch legs is when little Lennon is sleeping, my dear husband had already done the research and found the saviour!

‘Pretty Pegs’, a scandinavian company that sells furniture legs, wooden ones, in all colours and shapes just for your Ikea furniture.
He was over the moon. He right away ordered a set and couldn’t wait for them to arrive.
It took them almost 3 weeks to arrive, and trust me, my husband was almost ready to pack is bags, travel to Sweden to check on those legs and reassure himself they would still be delivered.

Then luckily he got the notice from Fed Ex- Delivery service that they would be delivering on Friday last week.
Oh he was so excited. But Friday came and went and no one delivered the so desperately wanted couch legs.

Fed Ex said, they tried to deliver on Friday, I promise you, they didn’t as I was home the whole day waiting for them. Oh well. You can imagine my husband coming home that night to NO NEW WOODEN LEGS FOR THE COUCH.
He phoned Fed Ex and they insured him to deliver the legs on Monday.

Oh yes and yesterday the legs arrived. I phoned my husband to tell him the good news. He was so happy that he could finally remove the old couch legs, free the couches from all that ugliness and make the couch a personal statement.
He also told me to NOT OPEN the parcel as he wanted to open it. And of cause, aren’t I a good wife, I didn’t dare open that parcel.

Last night, after work he came home and immediately opened the parcel and unpacked the legs. It was instant love. He had a big smile right across his face and he screwed the legs onto the couch.

I must agree, even though I didn’t mind the old legs, it does look a lot better with the new legs. It makes it more us and less Ikea.


Thank you ‘Pretty Pegs‘ for saving me from my husband’s constant complaining and giving us a whole new look for our couch.*Hugs and Kisses*


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