Herbst Feelings


The autumn has officially started here in Berlin.
Es regent, es ist grau and I just want to stay in bed the whole day.
Heute morgen musste ich Lichter anmachen beim aufstehen. Thats when you know that winter is coming,putting on lights in the morning. I mean really. Muss es schon wieder so kalt und grau werden?

But now, I have an excuse to make lovely homemade chicken soup, potatoes and gravy and all good winter foods that make you warm again. Ich liebe es zu kochen wenn es draussen stürmt und kalt ist.


Wie beschäftige ich nur meinen kleine Prinzen. He seems to be quite bored being inside all day. He loves building tents with old bedsheets. Zu süss!
Habt ihr Vorschläge? Was mach ihr mit euren Kindern an kalten Tagen? What do you guys do on cold and rainy days with your younger kids inside the home?

Keep warm and Happy!!!*Hugs and Kisses*


4 thoughts on “Herbst Feelings

  1. I love reading your German – I can barely remember mine, but your English provides enough to get me through!

    It never gets cold here, but these are P’s rainy day suggestions (he’s standing here beside me looking at your autumn picture). Hide and seek. Octonauts computer games (hm). Most of the rest of his games are based on specific interests of his – space, the amazon river, etc – where he pretends to go on journeys there. Skyping the relatives is also a good one, but also uses the screen!

    • Thanks 🙂 When last did you speak German? How come you don’t anymore? I definitely love playing hide and seek with Lennon, but he gets bored of it quite quickly. At the moment he loves me blowing up balloons and then playing with them. Our home is full of balloons at the moment. Not too sure I like it 🙂 I keep popping them by mistake and Lennon gets upset 😦 Now I am in the process of building him a tent with wooden sticks and fabric. Lets see how that turns out. I will have to get more innovative and imagination to get through this autumn and winter :-))

      • Ha! I learnt it at high school. To say I ever “spoke” it is probably an overstatement. I just don’t get the opportunity much these days, and I would need someone willing to be extraordinarily patient with me. But reading I can do at my own pace without annoying anyone 🙂

        Balloons, yes, fascinating things (apparently). The tent thing I remember loving as a child but someone it doesn’t seem to be doing it for mine. They like it when I turn a coffee table upside down so they can pretend it’s a boat though…

        You should have a look at Free But Fun – she’s got a few ideas and she’s in Helsinki so should be following the seasons as you.


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