Hipster Town Berlin, Germany


It looks like I am living in hipster central.
Everywhere around me I see plateau shoes, expensive hippy cloths and ombre hair do’s. What has happened? I feel underdressed all the time… do I have to also change my style, walk around like everyone else?
I don’t feel I have enough time to spend in the bathroom getting dressed and putting on make up. Maybe I should invest more time into it. I always promised myself and my husband that I would make an afford not to land up looking like a typical mom, with oily hair, food bits on my cloths and to never wear tents to hide any sort of unwanted fat roll.
But I think sometimes I might have become one of them. I really have to sort it out!!!

How do you moms out there keep up your style? How do you make sure you don’t turn into filthy mama monsters?

Today is friday and I feel like the week just passed me by. I have cleaned the apartment, made bread, did some laundry and the apartment still looks like a tornado it it. Lennon is just running around pulling things down and opening the freezer to look inside. Why does he have to do that? no one knows. I wish sometimes I could look into his head and see what he is thinking. I’m not going to keep worrying about the mess. Im gonna go to the shops to get toiletpaper and then ply with him. I don’t care anymore if the house looks like sh**t.
Its more important that Lennon also gets some quality time. Right?


Happy Friday everyone.

*Hugs and Kisses*


8 thoughts on “Hipster Town Berlin, Germany

  1. Gosh, you are me. Let’s cling to each other (instead of tidying the house).

    I wish I had advice for you about keeping up your style, instead of a request that if you find any answers, you should let me know.

    One thing I’ve noticed: it seems to help to focus on the face and hair if you want to look put-together (and I guess convey a certain style). The clothes seem more the icing on the cake. I haven’t worked out how to get around to the face and hair yet, but I least I know where I ought to be starting. Unfortunately the hair and face is the time-consuming part – it’s more a question of money with clothes, and I could always save up and splurge on my birthday…

  2. I know what you mean! Though I’m not a mom, I’m a part-time nanny and I often have to decide between comfy (but sloppy) and cute (but a bit of a hassle when running around with five-year-old boys). I usually end up in a dress with leggings and hope that people don’t notice the food bits in my hair when I go run my errands. 🙂

    • Thank for passing by my blog. Its so true when you say it seems like a big hassle to get dressed properly in good looking cloths. We seem to prefer comfortable (sloppy) cloths when looking after kids.
      But I think its time for me to get out of my leggings, tshirt style and invest some more time in the mornings to get dressed properly because I can feel my confidence is suffering 🙂

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

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