Ice Lollies and Homemade Lemonade


Its hot in berlin, still after so many days of sun and almost no rain. How can that be. Ich kann es kaum glauben. ‘Im always waiting for the weather to turn and the winter to be back.

But until then, I am going to appreciate every sun-hour I can get.

Yesterday I made homemade lemonade concentrate. I got the recipe from one of my south african friends and she got it from her grandmother. It is the best. So easy to make and it tastes amazing. You just mix the concentrate with water and ice and you have yourself the best lemonade there is.
Anyone keen for the recipe?

Now Lennon and I can have ice lollies, homemade lemonade all day.
Lennon has been running around the apartment like crazy without a nappy and he loves it. Once in a while he calls me to show that he made a wee on the floor. I then show him the potty to tell him to rather make his wee in there, but so far he hasn’t got a clue what I’m taking about. I don’t mind. There is still time. He is only 19 months old. We just potty train him next summer.

The summer holidays are over in Berlin and most kids are back at school and kindergarten. That means that Lennon and I have the playgrounds and parks around our house almost to ourselves again. So much better than having to squeeze in between all these mothers and constantly having to stop Lennon from taking other kids’ toys because some mothers are very particular about their kids’ things. Whatever the case, I do prefer the playgrounds when they’re empty and Lennon can kick his ball in any direction, throw sand in the air and use the swing whenever he feels like it.
I guess I am gonna leave the socializing to the time when he starts kindergarten.
That time is just around the corner. How scary. In October he will start at a very nice waldorfkindergarten around the corner from us. It will be a big change. And for me, as the mother, I am sure I will have a hard time to let go, but also know that is part of the job to let the kids go. I will and going to do it 🙂

everyday-waldorf-kindergarten-circle-time*Hugs and Kisses*


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