My Passion: Baking


One of my passions is definitely: ‘baking’. I would love to bake something everyday but don’t have anyone to eat all the goodies. Therefore I only get to bake for special occasions or when I feel really bored I just bake and hope it will be eaten by my son and husband.
Last week I made a Lemon Meringue Tart and I thought it turned out quite nicely. The meringue was perfect. But we only ate half the tart and the rest was left to stay in the fridge until I decided it was time to part ways with the tart and discarded the rest. It was a sad ‘Good Bye’. I should really make more friends and have people over when one of my ‘baking attacks’ hits me. 🙂 Anyone interested? 🙂 Hahahahahaaha…

Was noch… Today is Thursday and I am going to leave the house today. Otherwise i’m gonna get crazy. Yesterday I just hang out with Lennon at home and today is ‘showing the world my face again’ day!!!

Besides that, Lennon really needs Nappies desperately. Good excuse to leave the flat, down those 95 stairs and into the Berlin sun. I mean who am I to complain about that. Right? Really, what the hell am I talking about and complaining about. The weather is beautiful and fresh air is also a good idea…
Let’s get outside already!

This morning I hung up some hangers for Lennon and his cloths. I love it when the household, including his room, is tidy and organised. So I hung up some hangers for us to hang up his cloths at night or what ever can be hung up and not lie around on the floor.


And I hung up a drawing, made by Lennon, in his room. It looks lovely and who would have thought that I can do that still. I Haven’t done that in years and this morning I decided it was about time. Selbst ist die Frau, richtig?!

*Hugs and Kisses*


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