City Hipsters or Suburban Hippies…


Are we made for the city or now that we are parents, should we move to the Berlin suburbs to offer more green, nature to our son? Grosse Frage. Es gibt keine eindeutige Antwort. What would we prefer? Where lie our priorities? Das city Leben, oder mehr das Ländliche? I have no idea. I just know that I keep thinking I should be more outside, now that the sun is shining. Wer weiss wann die wiederkommt. I have to expect the sun to leave us soon and feel like I haven’t seen much of her this year. Wäre das anders wenn wir auF dem Land leben würden? Would I be more outside if we lived in a little house with a garden? At the moment we have 95 stairs up to our flat, no lift. That doesnt seem much, but if you remember, my son is only 19 months, in other words he doesn’t climb the stairs by himself yet and eventhough he tries his best, to him those stairs seem like the Mount Everest and he has to be carried at least the last bit of the way. Also, Zähne zusammen beissen und weiterhin Treppen steigen, oder ab auf’s Land mit keinen Stufen und Garten. Eventhough I don’t like the stairs and wish I wouldn’t have to climb them every day, they do have one advantage… I am losing weight without doing any fitness training. I have muscles on my arms. Yeahh. And my legs are also profiting from the daily ‘training’. Carrying a toddler and groceries, all at once, up those stairs is paying off on the one hand, but on the other hand its driving me crazy. I feel guilty that I’m not outside all the time with Lennon, walking from one playground to the other, because I fear the walking back up the stairs after our fun day outside. Gar nicht gut!

Vielleicht einfach wieder eine neue Wohnung suchen? Das kann ja lange dauern, bis mir eine schöne Wohnung, in einer schönen Gegend in Berlin, mit Aufzug, 4 Zimmern, nicht zu teuer und auch noch ein Balkon, über den Weg läuft.
I’m going to have a look for a different apartment, but until I find something I will have to fight those stairs a little longer. Maybe soon we will live closer to nature or we’ll be lucky and find the perfect flat with all our requirement 🙂 Hahahaahaha. Thats what I call ‘Wishful Thinking’.

*Hugs and Kisses*


2 thoughts on “City Hipsters or Suburban Hippies…

  1. True hippies would never move to the suburbs. Suburban life relies heavily on driving a car everywhere, which is the complete opposite of green. And who would pay today’s gas prices just to avoid using some stairs that keep you fit anyway? Instead, find a good park in the city and live near it so the kid can play everyday!

    • Thank you for your comment. You are right about having to rely on a car when moving into the suburbs but I do believe that for children it is better to live in nature and not in a concrete jungle. The stairs keep me very fit, but when you have a child thats under 2 years old, groceries to carry and 95 reps up to your home, you start to wonder if the suburbs would be a better choice. I do live near a park, but for one thats not the same as your own garden, nature around you and second I don’t have time all afternoon to hang out in a park while at home the household gets left to lie around.
      At the moment the city life is still good to us, so no suburban nature for us in the near future.
      How about you. Do you live in the city with kids and parks around the corner?

      Thank you again for taking your time to comment on my post.

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